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Founded in 2016, as Gateway Specialist LLC we begin our business operations in global delivery and procurement. Doing business under as Gateway Specialist LLC we have spread our base in 5 different industries which now functions as foundation stone for all our business activities. We were mainly involved in ever growing and constantly changing Information Technology (IT) industry. In 2017, we got into Banking, Finance & Insurance industries as financial consultants for off-shore and on-shore businesses. Our clients were able to attain leading edge through our strategic business plans and partnering methodology.

In 2018, we rebranded ourselves as Kingswell Services - we started functioning into Staffing Industry. Our professional services expertise enabled us to deliver high-end results in benefit of our clients through our variety of engagements. Currently functioning in United States and India, we have launching a pilot business endeavor into European, Asia Pacific & Australian markets.

As a client or candidate, we understand that your time is limited and valuable, thus we ensure that we have a list of comprehensive solutions ready for you which can be further customized as per your needs. We work with right culture, vision and motivation so you make most of us!

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Our long-term relationships with our clients and candidates have been built on our integrity and commitment. We strongly believe in shared goal of mutual success. We take our time to get to know you and your needs, so that we can turn around and deliver the best fit. Whether it's a new member for your team or a new adventure for your portfolio, we've got it.

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As your business needs to grow and adapt, so do we. We understand how fast technologies changes and industries moves. Thus, we make sure whatsoever happens, we have been here for you and got it all covered. We've strengthened our professional & technical channels by adding New Financial Resources, Information Technology Resources, Consumer Database & Studies, Scientific Resources and Engineering Solutions.

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Our candidates and clients are the cornerstones of our business on which we stand proudly; so, we make it a top priority to ensure that the both parties are not just satisfied but are on forefront of their game. We take your work seriously and we know that while we are just one contact for you; we make sure that we recognize ourselves as a resource to you.

Don't Settle for Less, EMPLOY THE BEST

Genius, Gifted, Expert, Nerd, Geek, Problem Solver. Yes! We've got it all.

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Our Mission

Our clients and candidates are center to all our missions & goals. We are the specialized outsourcing solutions provider and are committed to profoundly providing the highly effective and efficient services to various clients. We always look up to open opportunities for both our clients and candidates by providing the highest quality of professional services. We know the importance of success and understand of how crucial importance of it is for your clients.

Our Values

We continuously strive to become the one stop business solutions service provider preferred for employment. We firmly believe in working with sound principles, honesty and full sincerity. Even though we are not at the top of our industry, we make sure that we are a respected name. We are dedicated to serving our clients and we are committed to respect our clients, associates and each other.

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