Location: Marysville Ohio
Employment Type: Full Time


Pay rate – $65 / 135K

Location -  Marysville, Ohio

Requirement is for software architect with experience in containerized Java and APIs.  Preferably someone that has experience migrating monolithic applications to a containerized architecture.  


Job Description:

  • Responsible for the design and analysis of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Manufacturing and Supply Chain applications, primarily JAVA technology (but not limited to JAVA).
  • Will work in the creation of new applications or improve existing ones by creating prototypes, test plans, and documentation related to application development.
  • Create and communicate complex solutions in support of ongoing project activity.
  • Create and enforce global standards between standard systems within division.
  • Lead implementation of business plan and themes across North America.
  • Works with architecture team to create development patterns by prototyping and testing various solutions.
  • Work closely with enterprise architecture to ensure decisions are in keeping with our overall strategy, is cognizant of industry trends and supports ongoing changes inherent to the manufacturing world.
  • Work with internal and external teams to define and maintain quality standards, coding standards and implements measures to ensure compliance through code reviews, automation, etc.
  • Translates analysis and prototyping into a usable blueprint for other development teams, internal and external.
  • Oversees the design process for application software.
  • Evaluate and recommend software technologies that complement our division’s overall technology ecosystem.

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