Full stack developers with experience on AWS tech stack

Location: St Louis Missouri
Employment Type: C2C

CALL on 408 770 8785, 408 648 2510, 669 238 4388


or MAIL ankit at kingswellservices.com

Skills:  Full stack developers with experience on AWS tech stack
St Louis, Missouri
Salary: 140K

Job Description:

We are seeking a developer who will demonstrate passion and ownership by embracing all aspects of software development: analysis, development, testing and deployment.  Our ideal candidate takes pride in software craftsmanship, is curious, proactive, ego-less and collaborative.  He/she must be able to think through hard problems and work with an autonomous team to make them reality.  We expect developers to challenge the status quo and bring new ideas. Requires a degree or 5-10 years of experience in software development.

*Senior is the minimum level of experience accepted for this opening (5-10 years of experience). Willing to accept Senior (5+ years), Master (15+ years), or Expert (10+ years). Please specify level on submission*

Specific Tools/Languages:

·         React JS, React Native, Material Design, Node.js, AWS RDS, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, Lambda, ECS, Fargate, CloudWatch, CloudFormation.

·         Key word search could include profiles with Typescript, Node, ReactJS

Special Skills required/Must Haves

·         Experience in AWS platform, Micro Service/Distributed Architecture

·         Passion for learning & collaborative mindset

Nice to Haves:

·         Kafka  experience

·         Any AWS certification

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