Lead Google Cloud Engineer with Java

Location: Alpharetta GA
Employment Type: Full Time OR Contract

CALL on 408 770 8785, 408 648 2510, 669 238 4388


or MAIL ankit at kingswellservices.com

Job Description

1)     Flexible and agile attitude in respect to responsibilities and change. Self-starter and focused on deliverables.

2)     At least 2 years Lead Engineer experience ideally in GCP, K8s, and other Google technologies

3)     Experience working with Google Cloud technologies with automation tools including Ansible, Puppet, Chef,  Salt, Jenkins and  hands-on Java development experience

4)     In depth hands on experience of Terraform

5)     Hands on experience setting up production level UNIX infrastructure (e.g. RHEL)

6)     Proven track of record producing high quality deliverables under tight programme timelines

7)     Extensive experience with designing and implementing in cloud platforms

8)     In-depth understanding of container orchestration technologies e.g. Kubernetes, GKE, etc.

9)     Hands-on experience creating CI/CD pipelines and automating tasks

10) Knowledge and hands on experience on Stackdriver, pub-sub, VPC, Subnets, route tables, Load balancers, firewalls both for on premis and the GCP Cloud etc.

11) Ability to produce and support solution documents to assurance committees

12) Familiar with application security and common vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10

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